Vineyard at Sabor a Pasion

The Perfect Backdrop for Any Event

Planted in 2011, the Sabor a Pasion Vineyard contains 740 vines made up of Blanc Du Bois and Lomanto. ​


Blanc Du Bois is a dry white wine with citrus notes, predominantly grapefruit, and finishing with lemon & honey.

It is reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc from Chef Simon's home country of New Zealand. 


Lomanto is a French-American hybrid grape that yields a dry full-bodied red wine that is deep purple and fruit forward carrying notes of juicy, ripe cherries and dark berries.


Both grapes are rugged and highly disease resistant. Able to withstand the drought like conditions and humid climate that is predominant in East Texas.


The first harvest was in summer of 2013 and the Lomanto is currently aging in the barrel. 


Wedding, dinners, concerts and other special events are frequently held in the vineyard. Call us for details and questions. Our wine is not ready so we do not conduct tours or wine tastings.